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Business Plans

A key requirement of any business, new or old, is a plan. It is the roadmap on your company's trip to success. Working with and through your staff, Presidential L.P. personnel will develop a business plan suited to your business objectives and mindful of your organizational limitations.

Product Analysis Do you have the right mix of products? Are there related products that should be added? Are there products which your technological expertise could easily add? Presidential L.P. personnel are that experienced unbiased observer that can place your product capabilities in perspective and provide that needed direction.
Marketing & Sales Assuming a product line well suited to your technological and manufacturing capability, Presidential L.P. personnel will work with your company team to explore new markets for sales of those products or expanded sales in the markets you now serve.
Competitive Analysis Presidential L.P. personnel have extensive experience in asking those hard questions and looking in those unlikely places, that have provided an accurate profile of your competition. Your success demands you know your competition: who he is, his strengths, his weaknesses and how those offer you advantages and disadvantages.

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