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Problem Analysis & Solutions

This is the catch all section. I like to say, "If you have a problem let me help in the solution. If you don't have any problems, give me a call and tell me how you do it." - Bud

New Product Ideas A personal passion is the generation and development of new products. This item is included under "problems" because if your business has stagnated in this area, you could be headed for BIG problems. Innovate or vegetate are the polar extremes of what is commonly felt to be an modern enterprise. Where does yours lie?
Financing Covered elsewhere, but critical enough to be included here as well. Almost as many successful business have failed because of not financing that success correctly as through ill informed decisions.
Technical Recognizing you have a technical problem is the first step in the solution. Determining whether the problem is product design based, a manufacturing process problem or a poor choice of materials and/or vendors is critical. Accurately characterizing that problem must be followed by a listing of available solutions. If that second and third step are done well, the implementation is often trivial.

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