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Company Needs Questionnaire

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The following list is provided as a guide to explore areas of need within your company. It is suggested you check areas that you feel require attention and let Presidential L.P. provide you a plan how that area can be addressed. Expand on any special area(s) of concern in the area provided below.

Note that your response will be held in the strictest confidence and completing this form does not obligate you or your company in any way.

Accounting Help Advertising Help Assets Protection Audio/Video Security Systems
Automation Bankruptcies Board of Directors Brainstorming Broaden Territories
Business Growth Business Plans Business Profits Business Startup
Buy/Lease Decisions Buy a Company Calibration/Certification Cash Flow Problems
Chapter 11 Considerations Communicating Competitive Analysis Computer Advise
Contract Manufacturing Copyright Protection Cost Cutting Help Credit Problems
Customer Relations Delegating Design Services Direct Mail Employee Agreement
Employee Benefit Programs Employee Holding Techniques Employee Policy Guide
Engineering Services EPA Problems ESOP Plan Family/Friends Employee Problems
Financial Analysis Financing Needs Hiring & Firing Help Honesty and Ethics Practices
Implementation Planning Incentive Plans Instruments/Measurements Controls
Insurance Programs Insurance/401K Plans Inventory Problems Investment Advice
Jobs for the Future Legal Help Licensed Products (Have/Want) Liquidation
Manufacturing Plans Marketing Plan Merger or Joint Venture
Motivation for Owners/Employees New Markets New Products
Offering Memorandum Preparation Partnerships Patent Strategy Plant Layouts
Political Help Positive Publicity, Free
Problem Solving Procurements Product Improvements Product Pricing
Prototyping Quality Control Needs Quality Systems Help - ISO, QS, etc.
Regulatory Agency Help Repair services Representatives Research & Development
Safety Studies/Analysis Sale of Facilities/Machinery/Equipment Sales Improvement
Sales Plans Security Problems Sell a Company Seminars
Source Searches for Vendors Special Talents - Personnel Strategic Planning
Strength & Weakness Analysis Stress Problems Taking a Product to Market
Taking a Service to Market Tax Problems Teamwork Program
Telemarketing Program Testing Trade Shows Trademark Protection
Training Needs Trends for the Future - General & Specific Turnarounds
Union Situations Valuations - Business

Please include below any expansions on problem areas to aid Presidential L.P. personnel in understanding your specific needs.


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