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Seminars have been prepared and are available as one day, multiple day to a week or longer, depending on your needs. Let the Presidential L.P. Staff tailor a seminar to meet your specific needs.

• Business Subjects
Sales and Marketing A custom and fresh look at your products and markets, both current and potentially new ones.
Starting Your Own Business A hardheaded look at what is involved in starting and running your own business. Questions you had better ask and answers you better have before you take that second step. This seminar is the first.
Growing Your Business Go through the options available to take your business to that next step in sales and profits. What makes the most sense; ramp up, acquisition or merging?
Employee Relations and Management A complex subject which includes motivation, supervision and management. How much is too much?
Problem Solving and Creative Thinking If all problems were solved and all thinking was creative, there would be no need for Seminars or Training. This is a free thinking opportunity to move outside the box with a trained and skilled professional, concentrating on your problems.
Technical Subjects  
Electric Auto Technologies A labor of love have been studies and presentations dealing with the varied technologies associated with electric drives in and for the automotive industries. From the very specific to the very general.
Rubber & Plastics Subjects include picking the right material, as well as the molding and fabrication equipment and technologies required. A MAJOR question is always should we do it or "shop it". Thorough coverage of the decision issues and expertise required.
Automation in Manufacturing An in depth look at the justification and practicality of automation in you manufacturing process. How much is economically justified? You will end up with a list of questions you should answer BEFORE you commit to automation and be provided guidance on how to get the answers.
Q.C. Testing Systems and Equipment Get answers to critical questions concerning available test systems, custom systems that are practical to consider developing and test equipment that may well be a "step too far".
Use of Lasers, Robots and Sensors in Your Manufacturing This is a wide loop coverage of some new technologies that could make a significant difference in your manufacturing operation.
The foregoing are subjects that have been covered in past activities. Because of the flexibility available modifications can easily be made to suit your specific needs.

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